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The Red Odyssey

Windows – 1998

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Alt names BZ : The Red Odyssey, BattleZone Expansion Pack: The Red Odyssey
Year 1998
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Publisher Macmillan Digital Publishing USA
Developer Team Evolve
4.46 / 5 - 13 votes

Description of The Red Odyssey

This expansion pack requires Battlezone to work. From the manual: The struggle between the CCA and the US forces in space is escalating. The Americans have followed the Russians to the Jovian system in pursuit of the Fury technology, and have fanned out across the four major satellites. On Europe, Callisto and Io, their battle is moving back and forth, with no sign of a victor yet, but nothing has happened on Ganymede…until now. You can visit to get more info on the Installer. Also, you can get tons of downloadable extras, mods and more on BZ Scrap

Screenshots for Windows:

The Red Odyssey 0
The Red Odyssey 1
The Red Odyssey 2
The Red Odyssey 3
The Red Odyssey 4
The Red Odyssey 5

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We may have multiple downloads when different versions are available. Also, we may have manuals, extra documentations and various files to help you run The Red Odyssey, apply patchs, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities.

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