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Oregon Trail Deluxe

DOS – 1992

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Year 1992
Platform DOS
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.60
Genre Adventure, Educational, Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation, Strategy
Theme History, Managerial, Real-Time
Publisher MECC
Developer MECC
4.19 / 5 - 1286 votes

Description of Oregon Trail Deluxe

The Oregon Trail, well known road crossing the Rocky Mountains used by the settlers in the 19th century. MECC made an educational game based on this memorable part on the USA story. The player must cross the oregon trail and fight against the difficulties the settlers had. Hunting for food, trading supplies, survive LOTS of possible deaths (snakes, typhoid, dysentry…). Should you succeed in your journey, your points will be based on your profession, the number of settlers still alive, your remaining cash and much more. Oregon Trail was played by a lot of American people born in the eighties and the game stay into memory as one hard, unforgiving and unbeatable game. Some family would eventually play the game together and children in school would even make competition over who got the farthest before dying in the game! Gwane commented : Who remembers games they played as a kid? I for one remember the only one we played in elementary school, Oregon Trail. It was choppy and by today’s standards is something an elementary school student could create, but when I was playing it, it was the most entertaining game available. Now today 40 years after the game was created, kids are still playing it. It was actually created to be an educational experience of how people migrated to the west to settle. Me being on the west myself, found this very significant. I personally would recommend this game to any child as a fun way to get education. ridley-the-dragon commented : This is an awesome game I just wish they would make a remake. This game is still pretty popular so a remake would probably do pretty well ! I’m imagining the hunting only with mechanics more like a cabelas game only with muskets and with next gen graphics and complex colony building systems, allowing Sim City style colony building, all with next gen graphics on a pc, think about it… And with a free modding tool it would become classic, like ratchet and clank, with mods allowing you to make so that you just farm for food and the hunting mechanics are used for combat with the british or it could be totally remoded to make it a halo colonizing game on different planets instead of to America with the combat i mentioned earlier

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