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Marshmallow Duel

DOS – 1997

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Year 1997
Platform DOS
Genre Action
Theme Fighting, Platform
Released in United States
0.0 / 5 - 0 votes

Description of Marshmallow Duel

Marshmallow Duel is a simple-looking 2D multiplayer action game that is much more fun than it looks. Although only playable with 2 human players, the game is one of the best 2-player games you will have come across. The game plays like a futuristic, no-holds-barred version of Japanese sumo. Your objective is to throw the enemy spaceman into the gooey pile of marshmallow at the bottom of the level. You can of course also kill him 😉 There are various weapons and power-ups including pistols, mines, and invisibilty – all of which are implemented flawlessly to create a unique and fun multiplayer experience. If you can grab a friend to play this game with you (hot-seat, i.e. on the same computer), you won’t be disappointed at this fun underdog. Thumbs up! Note: the download here is the registered version of the game which includes grenades, nuke pucks, parachutes, boots, grappling hooks, warps, saveable stats, and other features not available in the shareware version. Although the “ordering info” section is still there, rest assured this is the registered version 🙂

Review By HOTUD

Screenshots for DOS:

Marshmallow Duel 0
Marshmallow Duel 1
Marshmallow Duel 2
Marshmallow Duel 3
Marshmallow Duel 4
Marshmallow Duel 5

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Download Marshmallow Duel

We may have multiple downloads when different versions are available. Also, we may have manuals, extra documentations and various files to help you run Marshmallow Duel, apply patchs, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities.

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