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Leygref’s Castle

DOS – 1986

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Year 1986
Platform DOS
Genre Role-Playing (RPG)
Theme Fantasy, Turn-based
Perspective Text-based / Spreadsheet
Released in United States
3.4 / 5 - 5 votes

Description of Leygref’s Castle

Leygref’s Castle is a fun, unassuming Roguelike RPG that deserves to be much better known. In this game, you will explore one of the largest gaming worlds in history – a castle with 512 rooms. But to make things easier, the castle is structured as a perfect cube, with 8 by 8 rooms on each of its 8 floors. Unlike most other Roguelikes, the gameplay in Leygref’s Castle is very easy to get into. After selecting your stats and initial equipment, you will be free to explore the castle. Every time you enter a room, you will encounter either a monster, an item, or a merchant. If you like the original Rogue, you will likely find this underdog a charming little gem that offers simplified gameplay that actually works – although in my opinion quite impossible to beat 🙂 Recommended, especially to anyone who likes to play a quick and dirty Roguelike once in a while.

Review By HOTUD

Screenshots for DOS:

Leygref's Castle 0
Leygref's Castle 1
Leygref's Castle 2
Leygref's Castle 3
Leygref's Castle 4
Leygref's Castle 5

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