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Lemmings Paintball

Windows – 1996

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Year 1996
Platform Windows
Genre Action, Sports
Theme Paintball, Shooter, Tactical Shooter
Perspective Isometric, 2D scrolling, Top-Down
Released in United States
Publisher Psygnosis Limited
Developer Visual Sciences Ltd.
4.4 / 5 - 5 votes

Description of Lemmings Paintball

Arguably the most short-lived and underrated of all Lemmings, Lemmings Paintball stars everyone’s favorite furry animals, but this time around the challenging (but frustrating) puzzles in the first games are reduced to a version of “capture the flag” in which you must guide a team of 4 lemmings to capture the opposing team’s flag. Lemmings can splatter their enemies with paintgun, and there are many obstacles they must overcome. It’s still charming, but disappointing overall due to gameplay limitations and repetitive levels.

Review By HOTUD

Screenshots for Windows:

Lemmings Paintball 0
Lemmings Paintball 1
Lemmings Paintball 2
Lemmings Paintball 3
Lemmings Paintball 4
Lemmings Paintball 5

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