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Laser Tank

Windows – 1998

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Year 1998
Platform Windows
Genre Strategy
Theme Puzzle-Solving, Tank
Publisher JEK Software
Developer Jim Kindley
4.83 / 5 - 6 votes

Description of Laser Tank

One of the best shareware puzzles games ever, Laser Tank is an excellent variant of popular Capture the Flag game. The comprehensive review at Rocket Download says it all: “Laser Tank may be one of the most difficult puzzle games you can download. While its ultimate objective seems simple, this game provides hours of truly mind-numbing pleasure. To win, you must capture a flag on each level. This sounds easy, but there’re dozens of dangerous obstacles and traps standing in the way. The game arms your tank with a useful, yet mostly useless, laser cannon. While it’s certainly needed, the laser cannot directly thwart your biggest threat, the anti-tank gun. The only way to neutralize the anti-tank gun is to blast it from an angle, push it out of the way or block it from blasting you. There are about eight objects that must either be navigated around or moved. For example, movable blocks can be used to form bridges or, more importantly, defend you from certain death. You’ll also find two kinds of mirrors to deflect lasers as well as a Tank Mover to transport you. The beauty of Laser Tank is its community of users. Because this software comes with a level editor, most of the game’s levels are designed by Laser Tank enthusiasts. This ensures the game’s endless variety and constant challenge. Indeed, this program is considered “HelpWare.” Rather than registering it with cash, you must produce your own level and send it to the author. The author will also post your high scores, as long as you provide evidence. The game includes a record and playback feature, so that you can save your successes for posterity. Laser Tank receives four smileys” – and a Top Dog status from us. Two thumbs up, way up!

Review By HOTUD

Screenshots for Windows:

Laser Tank 0
Laser Tank 1
Laser Tank 2
Laser Tank 3
Laser Tank 4
Laser Tank 5

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