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Industry Giant

Windows – 1997

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Alt names 工业大亨, Der IndustrieGigant
Year 1997
Platform Windows
Genre Simulation
Theme Managerial
Perspective Isometric
Released in Germany
Publisher JoWooD Productions Software GmbH
Developer JoWood Ebensee
5.0 / 5 - 1 votes

Description of Industry Giant

A game that apparently tries to emulate Chris Sawyer’s excellent Transport Tycoon in look and gameplay, turning it into a business sim that encompasses all industries. Despite the noble attempt, the game unfortunately comes across as a half-baked, inscrutable sim with severely handicapped AI and almost no replay value. Once you prove your strategic savvy, you’ll take charge of every aspect of operations. Locate key resources. Build transportation networks over land, sea, and air. Create factories, and choose the products you’ll specialize in. Then bring those products to market, and start raking in the profits. A full range of challenges awaits you, from cornering the market on a single product, to optimizing a transportation system, to putting a rival out of business. Or, if you prove you’ve got what it takes to handle the whole company, you’ll do all this and more, juggling the challenges of a true Industry Giant. Close, but no cigar.

Review By HOTUD

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Industry Giant 0
Industry Giant 1
Industry Giant 2
Industry Giant 3
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