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DOS – 1999

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Year 1999
Platform DOS
Genre Role-Playing (RPG)
Theme Fantasy
Perspective Top-Down
Publisher Brad Miller
Developer Brad Miller
4.92 / 5 - 12 votes

Description of Hero

Read Full Description From Brad Miller, the game creator : This game is cardware. If you enjoy playing it, then you should register your copy by sending a postcard to me, the author. If you think this game sucks, then either delete it or give it to someone you don’t like. I’m happy to receive any kind of comments you may have, so don’t hesitate to send me a sentence or two about why I should discontinue my programming hobby… Right now, you might be thinking ’Why cardware?’. Lets just say that it would make the many hours of programming that I put into making this game worth it just to get a postcard from someone who played (and possibly even enjoyed) ’HERO’. Also, I’ve kind of realized that a 16 color, soundless, EGA game probably won’t make very much money no matter what I do (unless, that is, I can somehow find a clever way to transport it to the late 1980’s). Despite this, however, I think that if you give ’HERO’ an honest chance, you may learn to like it. If this turns out to be the case, then write your name, address, a description of how you found this game, and your opinion of it onto a postcard (or letter) and send it to: Brad Miller 1933 Country Club Road Fairmont, West Virginia 26554 If you’ve beaten the game, then put down some stuff about your character as well, such as the character class and special abilities you used, items you found that you thought were cool, your final score, etc. Any comments, suggestions, criticisms, bug reports, and appraisals that you might have should also be sent my way. If you think that something is amiss with the copy you have received, or if you’d like a more recent version, just drop me a line and I’ll see to it that you get a fresh copy for free. Finally, if you’d like to distribute this game, just make sure that all of the original files get shipped as—is (and send me a postcard telling me what you’re doing). Thanks, and happy gaming… Hero v1.1 released The game creator contacted us to release the unpublished Hero v1.1, you can now download or play it in your browser!

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Hero 0
Hero 1
Hero 2
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