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DOS – 1992

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Year 1992
Platform DOS
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.70
Genre Strategy
Theme Historical Battle (specific/exact), Naval, Turn-based, Vehicular Combat Simulator, World War I
Released in United Kingdom
Publisher Turcan Research Systems Limited
Developer Turcan Research Systems Limited
5.0 / 5 - 4 votes

Description of Dreadnoughts

A “view-from-the-turret”, Dreadnoughts is an excellent World War I naval simulation that offers an interesting, albeit very slow, portrayal of tactics during the few World War I encounters. The game system was interesting, albeit before its time in terms of computer hardware capabilities. Designer Peter Turcan greatly improved the breathtaking isometric battlefield engine used in his earlier Waterloo and modified it to depict tactical naval combat. The result is a spectacular, unique naval simulation whose beauty is more than skin deep, due to the inclusion of realistic factors such as weather effects and more. Definitely a game worth investigating for all armchair commanders, especially those (i.e. most of us) whose hardware couldn’t handle the game when it first came out 🙂

Review By HOTUD

Screenshots for Atari ST:

Dreadnoughts 0
Dreadnoughts 1
Dreadnoughts 2

Screenshots for DOS:

Dreadnoughts 0
Dreadnoughts 1

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