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Deadlock: Planetary Conquest

Mac – 1997

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Alt names 魔星大戰略, XenoSphere, Deadlock: Planetarische Eroberung, Deadlock: La Conquista Del Pianeta, Deadlock: Conquista Planetária, デッドロック
Year 1997
Platform Mac
Genre Simulation, Strategy
Theme 4X, Managerial, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Turn-based
Perspective Isometric, Bird’s-eye view
Released in United States
Publisher MacSoft
Developer Accolade, Inc.
4.65 / 5 - 20 votes

Description of Deadlock: Planetary Conquest

Back in 1996 good old Accolade, now sadly gone, released Deadlock: Planetary Conquest. The game is a turn-based Civilization-type sim. Your choice of human and alien species make a landing on a wide-open planet for colonization. Ultimately only one single conqueror will survive. The game lets you pick your race out of a choice of several. All have strengths and weakness such as high population or economic growth, ability to commune with nature (e.g. grow food resources) and even a complete lack of emotions. All races seem to have landed on the planet without any advanced technology at-hand. In the game you must develop your technology, war machines and society quickly or suffer the war-wrath of your competitors. You can also be brought down by poor leadership including scandals and shady dealings. The in-game battles are fought with you looking down from above on entertaining, cartoony sequences. Deadlock also allows you tinker with many other settings to change-up the scenario. You can add more competing races, change the “Win” conditions, or set the AI to ridiculously unbeatable levels. These features are handy if you want to play a nice short game or instead one that takes several days of arduous, creeping gains and loses. Deadlock was not a widely popular game upon release. However, its brainy and colorful thrills found a niche-following large enough to merit a sequel: Deadlock II: The Shrine Wars. Despite the age of this game it has a still active fan site with a forum at Here on we have a version for pre-OSX old-school Macs. Versions for PC are available online on outlets such as Steam. Surprisingly, twenty-two years after the initial release, this game is still distributed at the retail level in classic-era gaming packages too. Although some folks might not “get” it, if you do, Deadlock is a fun, nerdy game you will return to over and over again.

Review By Steve Walsh, March 2018

Screenshots for Mac:

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest 0
Deadlock: Planetary Conquest 1
Deadlock: Planetary Conquest 2
Deadlock: Planetary Conquest 3
Deadlock: Planetary Conquest 4
Deadlock: Planetary Conquest 5

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