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Car Builder

DOS – 1982

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Year 1982
Platform DOS
Genre Educational, Simulation
Theme Science
Released in United States
Publisher Optimum Resource, Inc.
Developer Optimum Resource, Inc.
4.22 / 5 - 70 votes

Description of Car Builder

Car Builder is, as you may have guessed, a car design game. Created by “Optimum Resource, Inc.,” a company with a rather reputable-sounding name, this game excels in giving the user control over the vehicle design process. A menu-driven interface allows even the very young to successfully manipulate the design of the car. Many different variations of engine placement, brake size and type, and even steering mechanism give the user the control to create their ideal car. Car nuts will appreciate the details provided, such as the ability to aerodynamically sculpt the car, while those not fascinated by cars may find interest in the automated track testing feature. Refining your designs is accomplished by visiting the testing facility. In the facility you can run both track and wind tunnel tests, which are graphically presented with comments on the results. As an educational tool, this game is excellent. Accompanied by an instructor who knows what he or she is talking about, a child can learn quite a lot about cars. This game was purchased for me as a five-year-old as a way to channel my interest in cars into a constructive environment. I obviously enjoyed it, preserving it through many disks, then many hard drives, and now I can share it with you. Give it a try. It is a small, simple, and fun game in a unique genre. Though its chunky CGA graphics are a bit dated, it still shines with gameplay a-plenty. I’ve included some “recent” cars of my own, so that you may see what can be done with the game. Enjoy! Note: the developer Optimum Resources is still very much alive, and updating new versions of Car Builder to boot! Check out the official game site for the most recent version you can buy 🙂 [thanks to Marc J. for the info]

Review By HOTUD

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